Terry Crunk = LIAR & THIEF

So as most of you know our wedding photographer has fallen off the face of the earth with our photographs and money. Of course being a photographer the photography at our wedding was one of the most important things to me...so it is doubly devastating. Nat and I both still have nightmares of our long lost photos. The biggest bummer is that they are beautiful photographs, one of the reasons we hired Terry Crunk. To view our beautiful photos that we don't have go to this link:

We have tried everything from emails, phone calls, and unsuccessful surprise visits at his work loft in Dallas. The contact attempts have ranged from nice & cool to threatening & final. But still no response. Through our investigating we have discovered we are not the only ones in that he has done this too.

This evening I received a call from my mother: the local news, channel 5, did an investigative report on guess who?...Terry Crunk. Many many many other couples are in the same sinking boat. And when my mother called to report our story the lady taking the info said the phone has been ringing off the hook because of this vile man, named Terry Crunk. So here's hoping that between the all the people Terry has screwed and channel 5 we just might, hopefully, I pray, get our wedding photographs. Here is the story Channel 5 ran:

Couple: Wedding Photographer Took Memories

More than a dozen North Texas couples regret their choice for a wedding photographer. They said they picked Terry Crunk because of his creative style, but now many of them don't even have a single photo to frame.
"I've probably cried myself to sleep every night. It's my one time ever that I'm going to get married," said a bride who wants to remain anonymous.
The North Texas couple got married last summer and were so impressed with the work of Terry Crunk that they hired him to photograph their wedding day.
"He stole my wedding memories," she said.
"We posed for them all and these are all the candid shots from the wedding, so we barely even know what the wedding looked like because that's all we had. We told our friends not to bother bringing cameras because we had a great photographer," she said.
The newlyweds have not heard from Crunk since the wedding. They want to remain anonymous in hopes that someday they will get the photos from Crunk. They put down a significant deposit and have received nothing in return.
"He's trying to get into the modeling photography business. I think he's gotten in over his head but he's still taking on clients to have the money to support his lifestyle," she said.
Crunk foreclosed on his home in Colleyville, the phone number is disconnected, and now it seems that no one can find him.
“We've e-mailed him pleading, we've e-mailed him being angry, everything. We've had friends and family e-mail him and call him -- no response," she said.
"We would love to have something so that we can look back on it but, no, we have nothing,” the groom said. “Something to show our grandkids," the bride said.
"I don't want another bride to ever have to go through this, ever. It's just not right. It's your wedding day," she said.
The Better Business Bureau of Dallas has had six complaints against Images By Terry since the end of December.
NBC 5 e-mailed and tried to call Crunk, but so far, there has been no response.

***** Please note I refrained from using inapporiate language when describing Terry Crunk because of certain readers, in order to not offend them. It has been very hard for me not to type what I really feel of him.....bastard, sorry it slipped***


R. said...

unbelievable!! that sucks!!!!!

RyAnn said...

That is awful. I am so so sorry that happened to you! The pictures were beautiful! I hope you get your pictures!! Keep us posted!!

Mom and Dad Beal said...

I admire your patience throughout this ordeal. Your wedding pictures are beautiful and it is criminal that you have had to go through this. I have to believe that right will win out and you will get your pictures.
Go get 'em Clay! This guy needs to be locked up!

Rory and Cindy said...

That sucks! I think you should set up a sting. Pretend you are a bride interested in using him, then when you go to interview him...BEAT HIM!! Let us know what happens.