Not Your Average Snowmen!

Sunday Nat, Garrett, Danielle, and I went to Breckenridge! The boys skied and the girls attended the 17th annual snow sculpture competition! The competition attracts artists from all around the world to compete! The sculptures were absolutely amazing! The artists start out with a 12 foot cube of snow that weighs a mere 20 tons and end up with a snowy white masterpiece !

This is Danielle standing next to the "blank canvas" that all the artists start out with:

First Place Winner: Old Man Winter:

One of my favorites & voted kid's favorite:

Thought it was cute:

And of course not to be forgotten, the abstract & 2nd place winner:


Paslay Parentals said...

Oh my goodness...those are beautiful...such talent and patience expressed by the artists....I was amazed at the great detail each of the artist seemed to depict in their renderings....I must say I love them all...but agree with you and the kids on which is my favorite....Do you know what tools the artist used to sculp (I'm sure it took many) AND how long it took them? Did every artist have the same time frame to work within? Sorry...twenty questions...I know...but those do bring out the curiosity in me! Thanks again for sharing your part of the world with us...

Love you forever,

Rory and Cindy said...

those are amazing! i'm gonna have to agree with you and your mom, i like the elephants the best!

danielle said...

such a great time! glad the boys were occupied so we could enjoy it ;)