Icy Wonderland

The snow is slowly melting. Instead of fluffy snow lined paths we have slippery & icy paths with dagger like icicles hanging over head! So not only are you afraid of falling and breaking your hip at a very young age, you also have to worry about the ice daggers falling and penetrating your skull. They weren't kidding when they call it a winter WONDERland...because you are always wondering if you are going to fall or have to dodge falling icicles.
****Please note this my sarcastic humor, I do not fear for my life, nor do I hate the winter wonderland****

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Paslay Parentals said...

Funny stuff...what makes it funnier is that I am listening to some of the tunes you downloaded for me...Breathe...by Alexi Murdoch is playing...so just remember when you're cautiously walking about dodging icicles...to "breathe"...now that's my sarcastic humor...we know where you get it now!!

Love you forever,