Seeing Double

Over the Christmas break we also got to re-unite Corrina with her sister, Lola. It has been 3 years since they last saw each other. Although, they did not recognize one another they picked up right where they left off. Can you tell who is who?


Paslay Parentals said...

Pure beauties...those two...I'm pretty sure I know which one is which...even though I wasn't present when said picture was taken...but...I'm not going to say...cos knowing me and how it is when I am totally certain about something...I could be wrong...and well...you know that just doesn't happen....love those girls!!

Love ya,

Mom Beal said...

I can't tell which is which. I remember them as puppies and Lola had wavy hair and was of slighter build. They have both grown to be sleek beauties!