Alert the Presses!

I was fortunate enough to see my good friend Amy over our short visit to Texas for Christmas. As long as I have known Amy she has had long long hair. The closest she has ventured to short hair was just past her shoulders (yes, daring I know). So to my surprise when I opened the door their stood a very stylish short haired Amy. I released a girlish squeal at the sight of her new do! I was so proud of her! Her boldness definitely paid off because not only does she look awesome, but she was also able to donate 10 inches of her hair to Locks for Love. Behold the now new stylish & smashing Amy Anderes-Damron!!! Love it!!!


Paslay Parentals said...

You two are so precious...in many ways...love this pic...and as you...I do love Amy's new DO!!

Rory and Cindy said...

Amy looks great, who knew it was ever gonna happen?!

Phillip Gelman said...

thats my teacher! She's the best teacher ever