Still Snowing

This is a bit of the main story on the Denver Post:
Blizzard paralyzes state
A dangerous blizzard blew into Colorado early this morning, closing nearly every school district, all major airlines at DIA and nearly all of the Interstate highway system in Colorado. I-70 was closed from Denver to Kansas, I-25 closed from south of Denver to New Mexico, I-76 closed to Nebraska and I-80 closed from Cheyenne, Wyo., to Nebraska.

Here a few pics of what we are experiencing here in Golden:

I don't think there are any birdies in the bird house, just a guess?!

This is a picture taken in the middle of our street. The car you see in the left middleground is there because it got stuck. I watched the struggle end there in defeat from the comforts of my heated home.

This the view from the middle of the street looking back at our side yard. Where does the street end and yard begin?

Corrina going for the spotted look.

The snowy remnants of a winter-stricken flower.

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Rory and Cindy said...

Colorado's crazy...why are you there again?! The snow looks beautiful from down here...where it's nice and warm! Merry Christmas!