It's Baaack!!!!

Here we are with round 2 of winter blizzards! According to the news Golden has 20 inches of snow and this month, December, has already had more snowfall than all of last year. Plus, the storm is supposed to last until Sunday. Here is our front porch last night light only by the street light.


marya said...

Jackie that pic is AMAZING! I just love it! You really should blow it up, frame it and give it to MOI because I wannit! Has such an ethereal quality to it..you can just imagine the view from INSIDE where you have mulberry pies baking and gingerbread latte spiked with jack perhaps? Thanks for sharing!

Paslay Parentals said...

I agree with Mary...beautiful picture...something very quiet and peaceful about it...but as far as the mullberry pies and the gingerbread latte...hmmmm I don't know...but I'm sure if there is some Chai tea latte around...you and Nat are certainly sipping it!!!

Love ya,