it is FINISHED...

Yes, the long & torturous kitchen remodel is DONE!!! It has been done for a while, thank goodness, but because the level of involvement it required of our lives I needed a break from it. Hence the tardy post!

First, I just have to brag about what a bad ass my husband is! We found out I was pregnant right before we started the remodel so the weight of the project doubled in size for him. A lot of the stuff I was going to be doing fell on his shoulders. He did an amazing job & now we have a beautiful, functioning kitchen that we can be proud of. Thanks Nat, you are amazing, & look great in a tool belt :)

So here it is the evolution of our kitchen!

the beginning...

behind this wall lies a cramped kitchen

why the builder put in a drop ceiling, I will never know...

this is the other side of the wall in the first picture

mr. beal tear that wall down! (well this might not be as significant as the berlin wall :)

no drywall!!! the light is now shinning through the whole level, love it!

our protection

I see only one "stud" in these pics :)

dry wall & light up!

Cabinets, ugh the freaking cabinets! Believe it or not that was what took us the longest, very tedious! After taking all of the cabinets off the walls & the doors off the cabinets we had to heat gun everything to aid the scraping process which was a very slow & hot process. We then scraped off as much paint as possible, sanded the boogers, cleaned them off with a good sponge bath, 2 coats of primer, & then finally 2 coats of paint inside, outside, top, & bottom! Ugh the cabinets, but they look GOOD!

we had some assistance one weekend from some good friends, thanks scotland's!

let there be attractive light & texture on the dry wall...

a little help hanging the cabinets from the waldas', thanks!

THE FINISHED PROJECT!!!! What a beautiful kitchen!!!!

what wall & confining drop ceiling?

the beautiful oak butcher block counter tops!

new fridge & fridge location, this is where the stove used to be!

love the angel of the new ceiling

the awesome farm house sink with cool marble tile back splash...also notice the 3 butcher block shelves in the corner, love them!

new beautiful gas slide in range! This is where the fridge used to be! And look you can see the whole main level now!!!

the end (FINALLY)


mrs. latta said...

and on the seventh day...

umm.. let there be light!!

that looks fantastic. it makes me want to hug it!!

LivingTheLife said...

The kitchen looks absolutely FANTASTIC...that is why during my visit a week ago, I kept walking around saying~ "I can't believe how awesome your kitchen looks!" The remodel really did change the whole look of the house. You guys and Nat especially did an unbelievable job! I know you are so happy and proud of everything...and you should be. Your new kitchen rocks...and it will be awesome to have it so open once BABY BOY arrives.

Love you forever,

Mom B said...

WOW! Love seeing the finished kitchen. We were there for the beginning (lots of dust, ugh!), but the end is always the best. It looks awesome....open, airy and light. Can't wait to see it in person in less than 3 weeks.


Warren said...

Something to be proud of. Great job Nat! I love the butcher block.