Snowy Wonderland

It's been snowing here non stop since late last night & is supposed to continue until tomorrow evening! It is so beautiful and fluffy! I love watching (from inside) the delicate snow quickly accumulate covering everything in a thick blanket of white powder. Corrina & I played for a bit outside where I was able to snap some fun pics! Enjoy the winter wonderland:

The view from my bedroom window:

The front of our home:

The berry tree by our mailbox:

Some of the trees in our backyard:

And of course little miss corrina! She loves the snow! Something comes over her when she is in the snow, she becomes quite frisky & loves to run around like a crazy girl! It's funny to watch, because it is not her typical personality!


LivingTheLife said...

WOW! THAT'S a lot of snow. Glad you and the girl were able to get out in it and enjoy. I love the pictures of her...she cracks me up b/c as you said, it's not her typical attitude!! EVERYTHING is so snowy beautiful!!

Love you forever,

Emily said...

Love the one of Corrina. We miss the snow, so pretty. Just rain here thus far, does hail count?

Warren said...

I love this picture!