Mother's Day

Well i hope all of the mothers out there had a great mother's day....I know I did! It was a beautiful day and I got to spend it with my 2 favorite guys, what more could a girl ask for?

Me and my little guy on m day:

Hanging out in the hammocks, wearing daddy's hat:

These were not taken on mother's day, but could not resist the sleeping cutie!


LivingTheLife said...

Gotta love him in the hat...especially a backward hat! He's a living doll for sure!

Love the sleeping pics...he really must have been tired...obvious with the "open mouth" sleep that he was pooped OR he sleeps like someone else we love!

See you & the boy...tomorrow...

Love you forever,


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!! Keep the pictures coming! I will be in Denver at the end of July (not sure if Alex will be making the trip too) but I would love to see you guys and meet this beautiful boy! Love ya and happy belated Mother's Day.

Sarah Rupp