Mommy Memoirs...

Ahhh the life of a mom, you never know where it will lead you. One moment it's smiles and coos, the next it's tears and fits of rage. Today I had all of these jewels and then some.

We started the day with a morning walk before the heat settled in the foothills...it was a lovely summer morning. We then met some friends to go swimming, Walker's first taste (not literally) of chlorine water. After figuring out that 3 kids and their car seats were not going to fit into one car we hoped into our separate cars and caravanned to the rec center. We fumbled into the rec center with 3 kids, car seat, and bags only to discover that the baby pool was closed for the afternoon! So we were off like turtles to caravan to the YMCA pool...after paying a ridiculous amount of money for me and yes my 4 and 1/2 month old baby were were finally poolside! Thankfully after about an hour of trying to get to the pool my little man enjoyed himself and looked pretty stinkin' cute in his swim trunks!

The rest of the day progressed as usual...then 5:00 rolled around and I had one of my firsts. I was folding W's clothes and I heard the explosion, actually I thought it was a noise he made with his mouth, but no it was his bum. About a minute or two later I picked him up and noticed the pool of poop in the lime green bumbo chair. I then noticed the same poop all over my shirt, arm, his leg, his onesie, and of course leaking out of his diaper! So I did my motherly duties and cleaned up the doody. After he was all clean I laid him on his play mat, where he immediately rolled over. As I was cleaning up in the kitchen I heard the dreaded noise again. I walk over and roll him on to his back to see if he had messed his pants again, but instead I see this:

Yes, that is puke for all of you rookies out there :)


Let's just say it was probably a good thing that tonight was bath night!!!


Beast said...

Share not scare!

LivingTheLife said...

Seriously he is adorable in those trunks...but those last two pics...well, at least he seemed like he felt okay! So what caused ALL those explosion...sweet mommy???

Loved seeing you two out having fun...he looks like he loved the water and he LOOKED about 10 months old!! He is getting so big!!

Love you forever,

Jennifer said...

You are clearly an unflappable seasoned mom. Congratulations on handling these little situtaions with such an easy acceptance......and, having raised Nat, be prepared for escalating events when he becomes mobile and later when he's independent and on 2 and then 4 wheels. Life will never be dull and it is so much fun to repeat the stories after the fact.

Can't wait to love the little guy in just 4 days...and, yes, I am willing to be your backup clean up crew if necessary!

Gramma needs a hug

Rory and Cindy said...

hahahaha i love it! oh how i remember those explosive diapers! and he's still adorable...even covered in puke :)