6 months old!!!

I cannot believe half of a year has passed since our precious little boy was born. He is growing before our eyes so quickly. My heart overflows with love and amazement & I feel so blessed to be his mommy!

Here are some pictures I snapped this morning to celebrate his half birthday!!

Watch out ladies:

I love his giggle!

I am pretty sure he's going to get whatever he wants when he gives me this look :)

He's ready to crawl!

My little angel:

Happy Half Birthday Baby Boy!


Beast said...

That kid is freaking adorable! I love the doe eyes and crazy hair. Can't wait to see him, keep sending pictures :) Love Auntie Em and Uncle Marcus

LivingTheLife said...

OMGosh...that baby is THE most beautiful child...EVER....NOW you and Marcus were awesome...but b/c he's my grandson...I can say he is the absolute cutest.

Sheryl is here w/me and she can't believe how beautiful he is...in fact she thinks the one doe eyed picture can NOT be real!! He is just too CUTE!!

Thank you for such a precious grandson...we love him dearly!!

Love you forever,

Tonja said...

OK...a cimment from a non-family member...He is precious! Such a beautiful baby! I look forward to seeing him as he grows...because he is only going to get even more 'good-looking'! Ebjoy him. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my hands on our adorable baby boy and give those kissable cheeks a big smooch. How he has grown....and now he is becoming mobile. Watch out world, this handsome little guy is going to WOW everyone!

Gramma B


OMG....that is such a cute little boy. I love that curly hair and those giant eyes! Thanks for posting updates.
Susan (Merritt)