Fun at Work

Today Laura and I took some time to explore the new building with camera in hand. The walls, obviously, are painted in a wide variety of vibrant colors. I thought my green shoes looked good with the magenta wall, don't you?


Living the Life said...

Wow!!! Jackie...great pic...and YES I love the green shoes against the magenta wall...great color combo...seems you and Laura have a lot of fun at work...great working with another creatvie mind, eh...

Loving your hair...I'll have to tell Carrie we may need to book her a flight to Golden in 6 weeks...or you may need to come back here...either way...that's an expensive haircut...anymore great pictures from your day scouting w/Laura?

Love you forever,

Mom and Dad Beal said...

Jackie....you are a natural in front of the camera, as well as behind the camera. Great pix!
Love, Mom B