Memorial Day Fiesta!

Once again, we had an awesome party with increddible food!

The food:

Garrett sneaking food:

Danielle playing Hillbillie golf...showing the boys how it's done! Oh by the way the girls did beat the boys!:

The lovebirds:

The drink:

Time to eat:


The dish:

The boys enjoying their ribs:

And a pefect ending to a great day:


Living the Life said...

Who's the stud in the cowboy hat....is he from TEXAS??? I love all your pics and posts...we have all been missing the "wonderful world of Jackie"....you guys always seem to be having fun...your garden looks great...wow...Nat is a machine...your Paw-Paw S. would be so proud...he always had the best gardens...I know he would love the fact you and Nat are sharing in some of the duties...maybe Santa needs to get you guys a mini-tiller!! Thanks for the updates...see you at the end of JULY...yea!!

Love ya,
Mom <><

Rory and Cindy said...

your meal looks delish! isn't grilling the best?!