The Garden

After a lot of sweat & watering the garden is ready!!! I have been nervous to post any pictures of my veggie garden due to the fact that this is my first go at this and I did not want to jinx my future crop in any way. I planted seeds in plastic trays about 6 weeks ago and have some amazing starts! Nat & Todd busted their behinds digging up all the weeds and preparing the topsoil. This past weekend my wonderful husband took off the first 12 inches of topsoil and then by hand (because he is that strong) broke up the next 12 inches. So the roots have 24 inches of worked soil to grow! He then, put the topsoil back & topped it with Yummy fertilizer & compost. And for the finishing touches he put a great rock path in the middle of the first bed & built an amazing fence around the garden so Corrina wouldn't eat the soil or plants...yes she eats dirt.

Before (The bald spot I hand picked and I then later paid for my efforts, my back has not completely healed from the accident) :

Nat & Todd hard at work, with a little help from the b light:

The finished product:

The awesome Zucchini plant:

The tools:

The man behind all the hard work:

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Mom Beal said...

I can see that Nat has inherited his Grandpa Morris's love of the land in more than one way....farming was his passion and he loved the backyard garden too. Ask Nat if he remembers the delicious red and black raspberries?

Mom B.